Cork Passion



Innovation, Modernity and Technology

Since 2012, Corktansa offers its customers the highest quality cork stoppers, aimed at the most demanding segment of the wine industry sector. As a Portuguese company for the production and distribution of cork stoppers, headquartered in Santa Maria da Feira, the world epicenter of the cork industry, Corktansa is an innovative and modern industrial unit, supported by an experienced team, state-of-the-art technology and latest processes used in this sector to offer an excellent and safe product. We have well-adjusted processes and advanced technology, systematically applying HACCP methods, in compliance with quality, safety, hygiene and health standards and requirements.

Quality assurance

In addition to our cork stoppers control process by sniffing, method, Corktansa combines the cork stoppers disinfection processes with the innovative Cork Stoppers Airflow System, purification process, through a constant vaporisation and ventilation system, which allows for volatilisation and release of TCA and other compounds responsible for wine off-flavours drastically reducing the incidence of these compounds while protecting and maintaining the elasticity and organic structure of the cork stopper. We are certified by SYSTECODE EXCELLENCE standards, which guarantee compliance with the most demanding processes and quality standards.

Production Chain Control

Corktansa works with certified partners, monitoring the entire production process from the purchase of raw material to the finished product, when ready to be used in the bottle. In this way, we guarantee not only the most demanding operation of our processes, but a strict control of the entire production chain.

Security during the COVID pandemic

The safety of our employees and our customers is of utmost importance to us. In addition to the hygiene and safety processes recommended by the General Directorate of Health, every day we disinfect our installations and merchandise with Ozone, through an automatic and passive process that is carried out during the hours of inactivity. Our customers are therefore assured that all merchandise and packaging received from Corktansa comply with the strictest security measures to prevent the potential spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus, which causes the COVID disease.

Cork Passion®

We are passionate about Nature and the Environment and that is why we only have cork stoppers in our range of closures. CorkPassion® is, more than our registered trademark, the motto under which we guide our activity. We value the preservation of the cork oak forests in the Iberian Peninsula and the preservation of Nature throughout the world. Our cork stoppers are recyclable and biodegradable and their production, while maintaining the economic interest in the preservation of cork oak forests, contributes to the conservation of the entire associated ecosystem.


Corktansa – We are CorkPassion®, we are Nature.