Our Passion is born from Nature.

Cork Passion

Corktansa, Passion for Cork.

Cork Passion

Our Values

We believe that the cork stopper is the only closure for the wine industry that is, at the same time, a product of 100% natural origin (…)

Our Products

We have a wide range of cork stoppers, from 100% natural cork stoppers and clogged natural cork stoppers, to agglomerated, micro-agglomerated, 1+1 technical stoppers and stoppers for sparkling wine, all of which undergo the strictest quality control to provide clean batches that ensure the preservation and correct aging of the bottled wine, free from any contaminants.

Quality and Certification

We want the best corks for the best wines. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our products and services and, therefore, all our products are subjected to a rigorous process of control and testing, to ensure a product of excellence to our customers, according to the highest quality, safety and hygiene standards.

Corktansa is fitted with the most modern equipment and supported by experienced and qualified employees, who ensure that all our batches and orders meet the highest quality standards.

We are CELIEGE – SYSTECODE EXCELLENCE and CELIEGE – SYSTECODE PREMIUM certified, which attest to Corktansa’s compliance with the best practices in the sector.

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