We are pleased to provide you with some insight into whom we are, what we do and present to you our whole range of products.

Corktansa is a modern, innovative industrial unit which is essentially dedicated to commercialisation and finishing of cork stoppers. Our processes pass through marking, treatment, laboratorial control, packaging and distribution of the most diversified types of cork stoppers.

Corktansa has defined processes and state-of-the-art technology to identify customers’ needs and requirements. It has made a firm undertaking to ensure the commitment, motivation and permanent involvement of its employees in the technological, scientific and technical evolution of its permanent professional staff, in order to ensure and guarantee services capable of enhancing this natural product and meeting the customers’ most stringent demands.

Corktansa systematically applies HACCP methodology and good manufacturing practices, complying with the legal and normative requirements in terms of Quality, Safety, Hygiene and Health as a way of ensuring the best conditions for the rendering of its services.

In view of the challenges laid down by globalization, Corktansa has prepared to compete and win over space on the most important and diversified markets. At Corktansa we know that we do not work isolated from the world. In addition to the careful management of the company’s human resources, the choice of partners is essential so that the whole system works in balanced, harmonious fashion.

We believe that this success is not only our own but also of those who work in partnership with us.